How I Proposed

Today, I want to tell you a bit about my proposal to my wife. I had been searching all over for the perfect ring, but I could not find one. Luckily, after I moved to Keller in Texas a few years ago I had already known about Duff’s Fine Jewelry. Here is their Facebook link if you want to learn a little more: Their store is incredible. After visiting their website, I noticed the care they place in their staff and collection. Luckily the day I chose to go in there was a fine, breeze day and my mood had never been higher. I was about to propose to my girlfriend! I cannot explain how excited I was to finally be able to bend a knee and profess my love.


After walking in to the store, I was greeted immediately. One of the employees showed me an elaborate and filled case with a ton of their engagement rings. They were beautiful! They had palladium, platinum, diamond, gold and all types of rings that I could not stop looking at. They were all perfect. But luckily all the time I had spent with my girlfriend allowed me to know exactly the way she thinks and what she likes. Soon I found the perfect jewelry piece with an elaborate diamond that looked incredible! 3 carrots! This thing was, and still is, huge!


It cost $7,500 so luckily I was able to afford it. I paid cash for it and even got a free jewelry cleaning kit with my purchase. On a side note, the kit was great and I still use it today. But back to the main point of this article: their staff answered any and all of my questions. They even knew a ton about the clarity of the cut, which in my past experience can be rare. Just because someone works at a particular store does not mean they know everything that has to do with their niche. But they did.


Crazier still, the proposal went off without a hitch. I took my girlfriend to the finest restaurant in the DFW area and then took her for a walk around the lake nearby. The lighting, atmosphere…everything was perfect. I pulled out my iPhone and began recording a video, telling her that I wanted to catch her reaction to when she saw the prettiest part of the lake. I then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She began to cry at how beautiful the engagement ring was, and of course I cried too. She put it on her finger and stared at what I had presented her in a state of ecstasy. One year later and we finally married.


She even went and bought me a wedding ring in Keller as well from Duff’s Fine Jewelry. The gold band still resting on my finger as I type these words reminds me of the beautiful ceremony – and all our friends and family that showed up.


Case in point: this store is amazing. It is the best jewelry store I have ever come across in the Texas area. Maybe even the entire United States. The Keller store is new compared to their other location, and very beautiful indeed. I also went back to purchase a used Rolex. They have a special room they have created that is one of a kind. I am not surprised that I am still satisfied with my purchase. The pure gold watch continues to tick along gracefully and almost shines brighter than my wife’s ring. It did get broken once, and I took it back for jewelry repair in Keller.


Anyways, that about wraps up everything I wanted to post today. Now I have to figure out what I want my next post to be about! I’m going to visit some more stores and websites and make a few more purchases before I know for sure. Until then, be and do great things!

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Welcome to the Best Website!

Hey guys and welcome to my new blog! To keep this post short and sweet, I wanted to introduce you to why I created this website. I have been wanting to create my own blog for quite some time and after seeing countless sites rise and fall, I realized that I could do better. I am not very good with graphic design, however it does not matter too much. You are here to read quality content, not look at beautiful images. My name is Matthew and I love gold. Like REALLY love. Anything to do with gold and jewelry makes me happy. Did I mention I love to spend money? Because I do. I make enough money to buy whatever I want. I know how that may sound but look at it this way: I get to buy things before you do so you can figure out if you really want it or not.

But anyways, welcome to my site. I truly hope you enjoy your stay here and I hope to get over one-thousand views before the end of the month. I want to make this THE gold and jewelry site to visit for reviews and much much more. Have a great rest of the day :).

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